Implement custom email communication rules using a range of triggers including recipient groups, file properties and specific keywords.


Deploy rules to individuals, custom groups, active directory groups and the overall firm. Centrally control rules to minimise admin across the organisation.


Receive alerts when rules are triggered, check-in on specific rules and generate reports for compliance purposes using CheckRecipient’s powerful system generated audit logs.


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Control items around internal, including via active-directory, or external recipients by setting specific triggers around recipient types, groups and numbers.


Define rules around attachments – attachment size, numbers, file types and even track the flow of certain sensitive documents within and outside the organisation.


Apply specific triggers to new messages, replies, reply-alls, and forwarded messages and be aware or block messages with certain sensitive words or phrases.


Forgotten Attachment Rules

Remind senders when a reference to an attachment has been made but the email contains no attachments.

Large or Multiple Attachment Rules

Control the flow of emails with attachments over a certain size, extension or quantity across your organisation.

Cross Divisional / Ethical Wall Rules

Block, warn or silently track emails being sent across ethical walls in your organisation.

Project Specific Rules

Warn or block emails containing project sensitive information being sent outside of the deal team.

Disclaimer Rules

Warn users before emails are sent to certain recipients without necessary legal disclaimers.

Internal Use Only Rules

To prevent documents marked as internal or confidential from leaving the organisation.

Freemail Sending

Warn, Block and Silently track emails being sent to blacklisted freemail domains.

Mass Email and Reply-All Rules

Warn users when sending emails to large distribution groups or recipients greater than a certain number.

"As a law firm we are heavily regulated and any breaches of confidentiality have very serious consequences for us. We were introduced to CheckRecipient through our PII brokers earlier this year and have had a fantastic experience with the product ever since."

Sally MarsdenChief Executive, Grosvenor Law
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