Email is a main artery of communication for your organisation, how do you protect it?

Train staff to encrypt every email they send?
Maintain hundreds of complex rules and policies to control the flow of information?
Ask staff to manually classify every single email before they send it?
Show a warning every time somebody sends an email?

No, we don’t think so either.

CheckRecipient is a next generation email security platform which uses machine learning to automatically prevent highly sensitive emails being sent to the wrong person with zero admin, no end user behaviour change and minimal end user disruption.



Automatically prevent misaddressed emails due to human error.


Build, manage and deploy custom email communication rules.


Automatically prevent emails being sent to unauthorised accounts.

There is no substitute for staff training/awareness, but we have been looking for technological assistance to reduce mis-sent emails for some time. CheckRecipient is the only product that we have seen that genuinely does this, rather than just presenting another ‘are you really sure’ screen. The company is professional, easy to work with and implementing this on our systems was refreshingly straightforward. The product has been live for three months and has already demonstrated its true value.

Marcus ShepherdRisk Manager, Penningtons Manches

CheckRecipient's ability to prevent misaddressed emails using artificial intelligence is unrivalled in the market and it is now something we consider a crucial part of our firm's cyber security strategy.

Ann CantIT Director, Travers Smith

As a law firm we are heavily regulated and any breaches of confidentiality have very serious consequences for us. We were introduced to CheckRecipient through our PII brokers earlier this year and have had a fantastic experience with the product ever since.

Sally MarsdenChief Executive, Grosvenor Law

The CheckRecipient Team made using their product and uploading their software hassle free. The product provides peace of mind and an additional useful safety check for our staff with regards to security of information flow via email. I would thoroughly recommend the product.

Mark LynchPartner, Oghma Partners

We deal with very sensitive client information; CheckRecipient saves us from costly mistakes when emailing to multiple clients, and it has continued to learn about our email behaviours and respond accordingly. We wouldn’t be without it.

Hubbard GarberManaging Director, Barrington Partners

With CheckRecipient Guardian, the machine learning technology allows our security team to focus our resources elsewhere, and prevent human error on email without having to actively define rules and monitor inboxes. It has already proved its worth and is an invaluable piece of our defensive arsenal.

Richard RevillAssociate Director, Complyport

CheckRecipient proved it’s value after only a few weeks of being deployed firm-wide across the company. For the first time ever, we now have visibility and control over inadvertent data loss through misaddressed email and information being sent to unauthorised email accounts,both of which are key information security risks to our business.

Neil WellardHead of Information Security, Man Group

Apart from being an excellent product, CheckRecipient has to be the easiest installation and deployment I've ever had for an enterprise security software product to date

Gary MurtonHead of IT, Com Laude

CheckRecipient’s sophisticated and unique artificial intelligence approach to insider threat detection is now something we consider a crucial part of our firm’s cyber security strategy

Kevin StrangeHead of IT, Premier Asset Management

We are particularly impressed by how intelligent the CheckRecipient platform is and how little user disruption it has caused

Matthew ParkerSenior Legal Counsel, DC Advisory

We like that CheckRecipient is more accurate and refined than any other tool we looked at to solve the problem of misaddressed emails

Paul GreaneyHead of IT, Vernalis




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