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“CheckRecipient, an Accel Partners backed company, prevents users from sending highly sensitive information to the wrong people over email”

CheckRecipient is featured in this recent report put together by Legal Geek and Thomson Reuters on the state of the UK Lawtech Startup industry.


“The UK legal services market is worth almost £26bn a year and growing. Technology is making inroads into the way legal services are delivered but it remains early days and the potential to disrupt is enormous…”

The report highlights:

  • UK Legal Services market worth £26bn a year
  • Legal start-up map for technology showcases 64 useful young technology companies for law firms including CheckRecipient
  • Lawtech is bringing efficiencies across the legal services value chain, particularly where legal services are more commoditised
  • There are 8 risk and compliance start-ups including CheckRecipient (12% of the overall report) to assist with the “ever-growing burden of regulation”
  • Increased efficiency and cost-reduction are the two key market drivers that continue to intensify and there is no evidence to suggest these pressures will reduce – creating a period of sustained growth for UK Law Tech